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Shawsheen Elementary School Profile

The Shawsheen Elementary School is located at 298 Shawsheen Avenue. The school serves grades one through three, with twenty-three classes. There are seven first grade, seven second grade, and seven third grade classrooms. We also have two primary special education classrooms, one focused on students with severe special needs and the other on children diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). The school contains a gymnasium, a cafetorium, an art room, a music room, a library, and several support staff rooms.

In addition to 23 classroom teachers, the school has an art teacher, a music teacher, a librarian, and a physical education teacher.  Special education staff members include two learning specialists, a speech and language pathologist, and a physical therapist. We contract for occupational services. Reading support services are provided by three reading specialists. The school also has one full-time nurse. The office personnel include the principal, the assistant principal, the guidance counselor. and the school secretary.

The media center has three computers. The computers assist students with research during their library time. Each classroom is equipped with a least one computer system. The school also houses a 23 station computer lab where children engage in the CCC Successmaker program in the content area of Math and Language Arts.  All third grade students participate in a keyboarding program called Bernie's Travels for a two week period in September. Thereafter, third grade students report weekly to the lab to work on Study Island and to conduct some research for curriculum study or projects. We also have a cart of 20 AlphaSmart Boards available for our third grade students to continue to practice keyboarding skills.  Students are then able to use these Boards to work on their writing assignments.

An extended day program called C.A.R.E.S. is offered before and after school at the Shawsheen. Global Child, a fee-based foreign language program, is offered once weekly, two terms per year, after school. Students have an opportunity to learn Spanish if parents choose to enroll their children.

There are several parent involvement opportunities at the Shawsheen School. The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is very active. They conduct several fundraising activities that provide funds for enrichment programs. They also sponsor several family social events throughout the school year. A School Advisory Council (SAC) consisting of parents and faculty work in an advisory capacity with the principal, discussing a variety of school-related issues and developing a school improvement plan. Parents also volunteer in classrooms, the library, the cafeteria, the office, and the computer lab.

The Shawsheen School is a student-centered facility committed to its mission of helping our student population to maximize their academic potential and to learn meaningful life attitudes and values. In this way, we are assisting our students as they move on their way to becoming productive, successful adults and responsible citizens.

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